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Ouroboros, frequently known as Shangela on other roleplaying boards, is a roleplayer hailing from Manhattan. No, not the Sex and the City section. Think former hippies on sailboats, Hasidic Jews, and pretentious art students from Hunter. They were Ouroboros's Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda. 


Ouroboros does roleplaying sometimes. On REvo's Season 1, he plays Eleftherios Eliopoulos

Elsewhere, you might see him (under the monkier Shangela), playing as Benjamin Ward and/or Brianna Battaglia on Survival of the Fittest, Season 5. You might also see him playing as Aidan Adelmanand/or Diana "Dee" Dixon on SotF Mini's SOTF TV2.


Ouroboros is from Manhattan. He is pursuiting dual undergraduate degrees in Psychology and American History, with an emphasis on Civil Rights and Protest study. He spends a large amount of time in Boston and Providence, as a result of his college education.


Ouroboros joined the roleplay because he is fascinated with the concept of death and dying, as well as the realistic settings of the game. But not everything is always so serious with him. Sometimes he's fun, too. You should totally hit him up in SotF Chat, or REvo chat. 

Role-Play GoalsEdit

-Have someone independantly compliment a character you've written, or have written with.

-Be Hero'd at least once by someone who feels your character should survive longer.

-Make tons of friends through the forums.